I had done work on my own in the area of prosperity but decided to take Brian Eastman’s Prosperity Seminar because I thought the power of the group would add to the healing. That is exactly what happened! What is really interesting is that attendees’ ability to accept prosperity and money into their lives is measured before and after the seminar – using muscle-response testing. Everyone sees improvements in this by seminar’s end. Also, Brian Eastman’s engaging manner makes the time go quickly.
– D.S., Cincinnati, OH

I just want you to know that, Tiesdau the week afte the seminar, I got 5 new clients, and every one of them has signed up for sessions after the first one. I have never seen anything like this before!
– Name Withheld by Request

The ramifications for this work are mind expanding. As a clinician, I am in awe!
– Cecile Locke, M.D., Indianapolis Indiana

I’ve been a professional Reiki healer for 20 years and have studied and experienced many other healing forms. LIIFT cuts the fluff out of healing. It’s the fastest way to get from point A to point B. It has been so easy to integrate into my other healing methods.

The results are remarkable. I am impressed that LIIFT is something that people can learn even if they have never been in the healing field before but have a yearning to help mankind.
– Joan Weaver, Kokomo Indiana

Even though I was already working as a Life Coach I knew I needed some additional healing. I was directed to LIIFT and was finally able to “put away” issues that had nagged at me for years … issues that earlier years of traditional therapy didn’t heal. I have taken the training so I can offer LIIFT to my coaching clients when I see they are particularly stuck and not responding to typical coaching techniques.
– Donna Stothfang, Certified Professional Life Coach

In the course of demonstrating the LIIFT modality to me, [the LIIFT practitioner] ran the 8-Part Money Test. I failed it, and realized that the test results could explain why I have always struggled to have a decent income from my counseling practice. Right after my failed test results [the LIIFT practitioner] guided me through what he called the ‘money healings.’ Since then I have developed a steady flow of new clients. I have never had such an easy time getting clients before.
– Name Withheld by Request

(Names Removed for Privacy)

It’s One of the most direct to the point of any root cause processes I’ve ever witnessed. NOW…. I am fully in my true life purpose without question.

I have spent most of my adult life hunting for some way to heal the damage from the years I was abused. Nothing ever helped. Then I come in for a demonstration session of LIIFT and Wham! Bam! Shaboom! I am feeling really good!

I feel really good now. My life-long mild depression is gone and I am smiling all the time. It used to be that I only smiled when I had gotten something new or when someone important noticed me. Now I am smiling just because I am happy!

My son has always been defiant. He also made it clear he didn’t like his father (my husband) and didn’t want to be around him. I did just one long-distance session on behalf of my son and things really changed. He is actually cooperative and is beginning to do things with his father. In fact my husband, who thinks this LIIFT stuff is weird, just told me that he likes the results and I should keep doing it!

I have been in and out of mental hospitals all my life. I have tried every kind of therapy. I have used the drugs they prescribed. Nothing ever worked. In fact, when I came to that first LIIFT session I had just gotten out of two weeks in the Psych Ward. I really don’t understand how LIIFT does it. But I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

After my first session, when I walked in the door, my wife took one look at me and said, ‘You’ve changed!’

Working with my LIIFT practitioner helped bring my attention to patterns that were holding me back. She helped confirm when these patterns were broken, which did amazing things for my confidence. The steps were simple and clear, making it easy to keep up with the self work that I am still making progress towards.

The following is a written comment from a twelve year old with both learning issues, and sufficient emotional issues to necessitate home schooling because he is unable to cope with traditional schooling: This process makes me feel great! I feel like all the bad stuff in my body is gone when it’s over. It is so amazing, I can’t even describe it!

It feels easier to say no and I feel less fearful. Yes, I do feel less overwhelmed. Thank you!